Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The power of music

This morning is absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny, 60°, fresh and crisp.  One of those mornings you walk out side and take the deepest breath and are grateful to be alive.

I am sitting here finishing up a few small jobs, facebooking, and listening to my new favorite app, SPOTIFY. As I am sitting here listening to The Cranberries, Veruca Salt, The Breeders, Belly, and Juliana Hatfield.  Reminiscing my high school years.  I was such a emo/hippy chick.

My flowers are blooming and today is so gorgeous.  I thought I would share in my bliss.

Today is "Teacher Appreciation Day" at school, so I made my famous delicious guacamole for the teachers to fight over.  It's fabulous, just ask me.  I got to take Jake to school, which is rare.  He was excited to get to school today, because he checked out the new BONE book at the library...Bone 5, rock jaw or lock jaw...something like that.  Anyway, he found books he loves, so we go to the library anytime he asks.  The kid just is not much of a reader-so if he is asking for a book, I am on it!  Rory got her library card yesterday too, so it was a big day!  While we were at the library yesterday we took a walk across street to our beautiful town common area.  I snapped a few pics, because out village has down a phenomenal job making our town so pretty!

 Megan is reading a book to Rory.
 Jake Enjoying the pond.
 You think he is posing?
 Meg and Roar
Aren't my girls beautiful? 

Have a wonderful day!



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