Friday, August 31, 2012


I've looked and looked for pin on pinterest that conveyed a message I want everyone to feel: UNSTOPPABLE!  

I didn't find one that really "said" it with the picture.  So I made one.

I made it because the last few days I've been hearing some doubt.  I've been feeling this cloud of fear over the group.  That overwhelming feeling of self doubt and confusion.

Marathon training has taken a toll on our bodies.  We are tired, we are facing injury, we are doubting our own ability to run this 26.2 mile "race".

Technically the Chicago Marathon is a race, but I certainly am not looking for a placement.  I am running for me. I am running for charity, pride, and that sense of accomplishment that only running twenty six point two miles can give a person.  We are all getting in the miles (and miles and miles). We are all sweating during this miserable heat.  We are all facing injury of some sort.  We are all in this TOGETHER.  Together as a team, no man left behind.  

My running friends: you have brought SO MUCH to the table...keep on keeping on.  We are going to "do the damn thing" and when we finish, we are going to bow, accept our medal of honor and relish our success.  We will all have that coveted 26.2 under our belt.  We are doing it.  Don't worry about the rest...we are doing it.