Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jake's first REAL race

My middle child, Jake, ran his first race two Thanksgiving's ago.  It was the kid's one miler at Pilcher Park for the Poultry Predictor 5k.  He did really well for being 7, coming in at about 11minutes.  Jake is a burst of energy and all boy.  He is dirt, bugs, cars, guns and mud 24/7.  It was no surprise that he wanted to come out and run with me and F'NRC.  His sister has been running with us for about 6 months, so I knew it was just a matter of time before Jake would get the competitive bug to race his very tall, very fast sister.

Here we all are, on our Wednesday night run.  I have another picture, but I can't find it. Jake is VERY confident, and thinks he can run faster than anyone, but when it came down to actually running, he was a bit big for his britches.

On May 19th Megan, Jake, and I are signed up for the PTO 5k. The kid can almost make it a mile without stopping, so we have about 10 more days to get him conditioned.  I know he will do fine, but his feelings might be a little hurt when his sister kicks his ass.  I'm just gonna let him think he's 10' tall and bullet proof for now.

Happy Thursday!



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