Monday, April 23, 2012

Resetting yourself

As I go through these stages in life, learning more and more about food and nutrition.  I become constantly amazed at the way FOOD impacts our life.  I want you to imagine for a second if you could not smell or taste.  You would only be able to eat food based on what you see.  Do you think you would be more likely to eat this:  

 or this

The amazing things that food can do for your body are just phenomenal.  It gives you life or death, right?  Food can fuel your body, mind, and soul or stop you dead in your tracks, literally.

We take advantage of the earth in so many ways, taking for granted food.  WE HAVE THE POWER to choose if food will kill us or truly give us a healthy life.  WE HAVE THE POWER to skip the drive through and prepare a healthy meal.  It's in our hands.  I am begging you to eat for life, not death.

Food can equal:

  • Energy or lethargy
  • Gas/bloat or healthy digestion
  • Strong heart or heart disease
  • Invigorating breath or barely breathing
  • Running a marathon or sitting on the couch.

FOOD is energy, life, and health.  Every time you take a bite you are one step closer to life or death.

A friend of mine said something so profound to me it has stuck: "ONE BAD MEAL CANNOT MAKE YOU FAT; ONE HEALTHY MEAL CANNOT MAKE YOU THIN".  These are our every day choices, in moderation that make us who we are, and after all, we are what we eat.

When you stop and make a good choice, you will feel no guilt, no bloat, no weight gain.  Making a good food choice is setting the example for your spouse, and your children.  Make a small change a REAL goal to drink more water, or do 10 push ups for one full week.  When the week is done, pat yourself on the back and set another goal!

My goal this week is less alcohol.  I like a beer or whisky at night before bed to unwind and relax.  this week NO BOOZE!  What will you do for yourself this week?



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  1. Thanks! I'm going to do (minimum) of 10 push-ups per day. Each day you ask me if I did them and I will ask you about your bedtime cocktail....or lack there of. Deal? Starting NOW!