Monday, December 19, 2011

Really? Christmas?

As I was lighting the grill outside for dinner, this evening, I realized how odd it is to grill in December.  I live about 35 miles South West of Chicago; this time of year it's usually in the low 30's.  Today it was 54°.  This weather has left me a bit underwhelmed this season.  The kids get off the bus and ride their bikes for an hour until it's too dark.  Shouldn't it be too cold for that?  Shouldn't we be looking forward to cozy time in front of the fireplace and snuggling to watch the classics?  What's going on?

I live over 300 miles from my dad's side of the family, and over 1200 miles from my mom.  I moved up here out of college looking for a good job, that wasn't a farmer's wife or teacher.  In Southern Illinois that's your fate, unless you're savvy enough to have a successful business.  The men are iron workers, farmers or coal miners and the women stay home or teach (very generally speaking).  My husband's family is the only family I have close, and this year will be my in-law's last year here.  They are retiring to Florida.  My kids are going to remember their last Christmas at Grandma's house as balmy.  There will be no ice skating on the pond, no pulling the sled around on the four-wheelers, no snowmen or snow angels.  It's just...lame.

I need a good snowfall, damn it!  I need some sub-zero temperatures and foggy windows from warm baking inside and cold air outside.  I'm opening the windows instead to cool off the house.  I bought a ski mask this week for my cold-weather runs...hhhmpfff!  I hope we get a few flakes before the end of 2011.

Cheers and happy baking!


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