Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eat Cleaner Product Reveiw

This will be my first product review on this blog, so I thought I would put my mom hat...erm..apron on and tell you about a product that is a staple in my kitchen.  EAT CLEANER PRODUCE SPRAY.  I've been using eat cleaner for almost a year.  I always keep fresh fruit on hand for the kids, it's so much easier to grab an apple than to try to weasel a crap-food snack outta your mom.  I don't let the kids eat sugary snacks.  Truth be told, they have two days a week (Friday and Saturday) when they can have "a treat" i.e. ice cream, chocolate, etc.   Sunday-Thursday it's fruit, yogurt or a cheese stick.

I was introduced to eat cleaner by Chalene Johnson, a life coach and mentor to me.  She did a webinar, and featured Mareya (the genius behind the product).  Mareya's dad is a scientist who helped her create this product.  She's a single mom who wanted better for her family.  Who can argue with that?


  • It's SAFE!
  • It's cost effective
  • It works
  • It makes produce last longer
  • It comes in produces and SEAFOOD wash!
  • I spray it on Rory's peeled and cut apples so they don't brown (she won't eat the skin and has to have a healthy snack for school).
  • It comes in wipes to send to school 
    • I don't know about your schools, but ours gives kids fruit unwashed with the product sticker still on it.  How many kids do you think wash that fruit?  I pack the wipes in their lunchbox, they can wipe the fruit off before they eat.
  • The product removes wax and pesticides from fruit and veggies, you can actually SEE the difference.
  • I can't buy eat cleaner at a local store, I have to order it
I love this product for so many reasons.  A single mom created it-this makes me trust the product that much more.  

If you would like to order eat cleaner you can visit Mareya's website at www.eatcleaner.com  I just received a discount code for ordering online: spark25eatcleaner

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