Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have these horrid allergies.  In the Spring and Fall my eyes, nose, and ears itch.  It seems like my entire head itches.  We have had the warmest March on record in Chicagoland.  It's been so beautiful here, I've even got a tan from working out the in the yard the last few weeks.  I even MOWED THE LAWN! *gasp* in March!?

So I have an albuterol inhaler which I use before my runs, usually.  I have the nasal spray, I take 2 claritin a day, but I am still miserable.  Can you imagine the hell I would be living through without these medications?  I am pretty anti-pharmaceutical, but I tell ya what....I'd be screwed without allergies meds.

I LOVE to grow things, particularly the plant variation of "things".  My darling husband built an awesome greenhouse at my request in one week and it is just FABULOUS!  Tonight he put a door on it, too!

I love this greenhouse!  I have planted Cosmos, Marigolds, cucumbers, beets, watermelon, broccoli, tomato, celery, spinach, basil, musk melon, roma tomatoes, and one other veggie I can't remember.  He is also going to put shelves in it, I've got a small shelf in there now, but when I built in shelves it will be so cool!


So what do you do for allergies, do you plant veggies or grown your own from seed?  

Happy Spring!  



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