Thursday, February 23, 2012

"I love your blog" and I LOVE YOU!!

I hear this from a few people here and there.  I hardly get any comments on my blog, so usually I feel like it's just me, singing in the shower...alone.  I'm so glad I actually have a few people reading now and again.

"testing testes testing (yeah I said testes on purpose-just making sure you're paying attention) this thing on?" I'll start out today with a few jokes:

What's green and has wheels?

give up?  Grass...I was just kidding about the wheels

What's Red and smells like blue paint?

RED PAINT (thanks Diane)

Okay on to the important stuff.  What's more important than laughing you say?  Good question!  Not much, except maybe GOOD NUTRITION.  I know I know, you're sick of hearing about it already, but the reason I keep harping about this is because I LOVE YOU, and I CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!!

I've been juicing a meal or snack once a day for about 10 days.  My juicer is old (like 18 years old). My mother in law gave it to me 13 years or so ago, cause she bought a new one (great story about my mother in law-I'll tell you later). In the last 10 days I think my family (I know my neighbor Diane wants to stick a sock in my mouth) is looking for the OFF/MUTE button for Ms. Sparky-pants.  I have been running, walking, working out to Turbo Fire.  I am NON-FREAKING-STOP.  Not to mention my skin feels really nice!  I'm not hungry, I know you'll ask that.  I don't drink soda, I rarely drink coffee (like MAYBE once a week) I don't take any caffeine supplements.  It's just water and my daily vitamins (and whisky and water as a night cap now and then).

So how do you do this "JUICING" anyway, Jeni?  I am so glad you asked!

First I buy my veggies (this can be super expensive-especially root veggies-'cause I like to get organic)
my juice is usually carrot, beets, kale, spinach, ginger, and celery)

I cut these veggies up into pieces that fit into the little tiny juicer hole.  Here's my old-ass juicer, by the way: 

I keep all the veggies in the fridge so they are nice and cold.  When I'm done I get a nice rainbow of frothy nectar that looks like what my friend Kelly described as "melted sherbet"

The carrots make it sweet and the ginger gives it bite.  It's delicious!  and the benefits from drinking it would FAR outweigh the taste!

When I'm done I have the pleasure of cleaning the fiber or "meat" out of the juicer that I promptly throw in my compost:

Thea, my mother in law, turned me onto juicing years's why-she knows a thing or two about good health.

My mother in law is in her late 60's and back in the mid 70's developed stage 3 (out of 4) malenoma.  Malenoma is a type of skin cancer.  She had a mole removed from her leg that left a gaping reminder to her everyday.  So in 1970-something she got the news, had the surgery and back then chemotherapy wasn't an option.  So the Dr.'s gave her 6 months to a year to live.  So what did she do?  I'll tell you what she didn't do.  She didn't curl up into a ball of self pity and wallow...OH NO!  She bought a juicer and started juicing in addition to going vegetarian.  She juiced so much, her extremities turned orange from all the beta carotene in the carrots!  She juiced twice a day for two years.

My mother in law celebrated her 69th birthday in January 5th.  She is as healthy (and ornery) as a horse!  She's never had cancer again.

So raise your glass of fresh vegetable juice and drink up!



  1. That is an awesome story about your mother in law!
    You will have a ton of energy to run that marathon this year too!

    Keep it up girl!

  2. Have you ever watched Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead? They have it on instant queue on Netflix. It's a documentary about juicing and how it pretty much saved the guy's life. This post made me think of it, I watched it several months ago and made me really think about what is in the food I buy and make.

    1. YES!! I love that documentary! I also love FOOD MATTERS! Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead is an amazing story of strength on so many levels, though!

  3. Yay! I love you AND I love your blog. :) Keep at it with all that energy.