Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stocking Tutorial

I love pinterest...who doesn't? I found a super cute idea on there for using a stocking as a gift bag.  SOOOO.  I received some super cute Michael Miller fabric in yesterday's mail and made four good sized stocking out of one yard.  The yard cost 10.99, through ebay with free shipping.

I used one of our stockings and traced a pattern:

Then I cut the fabric (I really like this pattern...super fun).

After cutting and pressing the two pieces of fabric I hemmed the top with a cute twirling stitch, then I put two button holes on each piece about 4" apart.

I stitched the stocking together inside out, turned it right side out and pressed it again.  I made a few other gift for the teachers, like Cookies in a jar, and a Hanging Hand Towel.

weaved a cute ribbon in through the button holes and VIOLA!!  super cute teacher's gift for Under $10:

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